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Treatment: Smile Makeover with Veneers

I regularly visit Opus Dental Specialities clinic for all my dental problems. The team here is extremely good! I am very satisfied with their service and quality of work. They gifted me with a good smile. Thank you for making me more positive with a great smile!

Mamta Sejpal

Housewife, Mumbai

Dr. Khan and his team worked very hard on my veneers. They did a few trials and a provisional which gave me a good level of comfort. Even before the treatment started, Dr. Khan created digital models of what it would look like. I am quite impressed with his team's commitment and with their high tech cameras and equipment. I would highly recommend him.

Sunil Rangwani

Software engineer, UK

Excellent treatment with patient and a very good job done. Before the treatment, I had great difficulty in eating. However, after my treatment, I am very satisfied and comfortable. Dr. Burzin Khan and his team at Opus have done a fantastic job. I am very happy with my treatment. Now, Dr. Burzin Khan is my family dentist!

Bhupendra Ambani


I found Dr. Khan's office to be a very professional environment. My teeth bleaching procedure yielded perfect results and was painless. In addition, I had some fillings to avoid gum pain that was quite successful. The biggest surprise was the first stage in the explanation of veneers to straighten and whiten my teeth/smile, Dr Burzin Khan listened very carefully, as I wanted a subtle result, from what I can see from the temporary wax cast result, my upper and lower teeth look perfect, well in line with my smile and expectations.

I have seen Dr. Khan's work on others and I highly recommend him. He is a technician and an Artist! All the talent is not just in the U.S.A.!

Gia Rabito


It was a totally painless procedure...the Doctors are very experienced and good to deal with. The clinic meets International standards, is super clean & hygienic. I have stopped going to any other Dentist and would highly recommend Opus Dental Specialities and Dr Khan.

Hinoti Joshi


Exceeded my expectations....I am very happy with the result! Very well done!

Jasmine Shaikh

Emirates, UAE

Dr. Khan & his team at Opus have been looking after my teeth for over 14 years. Every procedure, including the Implant replacement is done perfectly with minimum stress or pain. It's been a pleasure coming to Opus...and leaving with a smile!.

Aditya Iyengar

Television professional, Mumbai


I had a Root Canal done at OPUS and it far exceeded my expectations. It was quick and painless. The docs and the staff at the clinic are great and the clinic is clean and high-tech (more so than the ones in Dubai where I live)! I would highly recommend OPUS to others.

Nikhail Idnani


Finally I've got a chance to find out this clinic which is perfect in all aspects. I really appreciate all the services rendered.

Fatema Bin Dawood


High level of courtesy and very professional treatment.

Christian Laine

Marine consultant, France

Dr. Khan and Dr. Purvi Bhargava were most skilled with excellent relationship skills.

My experience and treatment surpassed expectations. When asked for a referral, I specifically requested a dentist who was skilled and placed emphasis on hygiene. Dr. Khan, his colleagues and staff provide a welcome oasis for dental care. There is also a well-tended and impressive balcony garden that is used by patient and staff - a lovely environment retreat.

Twilla Duncan

Journalist, USA

Very professional and quality work done. The clinic is also very impressive with latest equipments. Highly recommended.

Mehernosh Vadiwala

Software Development Manager, CISCO Systems Inc, San Jose, California, USA

Highly recommended by many friends. My experience confirmed Dr. Khan's excellent ability in highly specialized aspects of dentistry. Very sensitive to patient's pain, appearance plus a pleasant personality. Reduces trauma of dental chair. Prepares patient before hand for major scope of work and cost.

A happy experience for traumatic events.

Priya K. Iyer

(Dr.) PHD (Biochemist)

I have been trying dentists in Bali (Bangkok) and Singapore to do a total restoration of my teeth to no result. Finally I felt real comfort & relaxation in Mumbai, by Opus Dental Specialities. Very professional approach and excellent work.

Rolf Wulfinghoff

Horticulturalist in Denmark & Indonesia

"Whole procedure was comfortable and adjusting to the patients requirements. I am very happy with the final result".

Parul Mehta

Business, India


The 'Dentist's Chair was akin to the 'Electric Chair' before I came to Burzin, Now I am totally at ease, calm and collected everytime I come to OPUS - .... smiles!

Eddie Poonawala

Business, Comart India

I would highly recommend Dr. Khan, whose personalized and professional approach makes one feel completely comfortable at every visit. Even though he has a very competent supporting team at Opus, Dr. Khan provides his personal touch and attention at every appointment. The state of the art equipment and appointment booking software makes the process even more seamless.

Aditya Dhawan

Businessman, Mumbai, India

I walked into this clinic with probably the worst set of teeth and gums this dentist has seen, and have walked out with an amazing megawatt brilliant confident smile!

Jerestine Mubarakai

Business, Perth-Australia

Extremely satisfied with the new tooth. Root Canal procedure was absolutely painless.

Kamal Bharucha

Retail Director, Mont Blanc, India

I had a very satisfying experience and would recommend to my friends.

Dilip R. Doshi

Business, Chairman & Managing Director, Entrack Group of Companies London, UK
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