Porcelain veneers commonly used as a treatment modality for Smile Enhancement are thin shells of ceramic that are bonded to the teeth in order to change the color, tooth position, form or shape and enhance the smile with an aesthetic appearance. They provide strength and resilience, which is comparable to natural tooth enamel.


  • Shape
  • Size
  • Color
  • Position of teeth

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About Veneers

In the first appointment, a study model is prepared. The study model is used to make a wax up or mock up to give the patient an idea of the final outcome, which is decided by our aesthetic dentist using, the principles of digital smile design. In the second appointment, after minimal preparation of the teeth, impressions are made. Temporary restorations are fabricated immediately. In the next appointment a trial of the veneers is done, to check the aesthetics and they are subsequently bonded to the tooth to provide the required Cosmetic change.

One sitting Composite veneers or Luminaires option is also available. However these have a limited life span and are recommended, for a quick fix. Ceramic veneers are generally preferred as a more permanent and aesthtic option!

Indications: To improve shape, size, color, or position of teeth, To enhance your smile.

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Jerestine Mubarakai

20-03-2014 Hits:73 Testimonials Super User

Jerestine Mubarakai

I walked into this clinic with probably the worst set of teeth and gums this dentist has seen, and have walked out with an amazing megawatt brilliant confident smile!

Jerestine Mubarakai

Business, Perth-Australia

20-03-2014 Hits:125 Testimonials Super User

Eddie Poonawala

The 'Dentist's Chair was akin to the 'Electric Chair' before I came to Burzin, Now I am totally at ease, calm and collected everytime I come to OPUS - .... smiles!

Eddie Poonawala

Business, Comart India

20-03-2014 Hits:82 Testimonials Super User

Parul Mehta

"Whole procedure was comfortable and adjusting to the patients requirements. I am very happy with the final result".

Parul Mehta

Business, India


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