About Smile Makeovers

Like any other form of architecture, designing the perfect smile is a unique combination of art and science. It requires a true creative spark on one hand and in-depth knowledge, specialized skill on the other.

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About About Smile Makeovers

At Opus Dental Specialities, our dentists will carefully evaluate your teeth, gums, jaws and facial structure and suggest a course of treatment based on their findings. With the help of a digital smile design, we design your smile to give you a virtual hint of the final outcome. We can also do a mock up in the mouth to give you an understanding of the final result.


There are several options that are commonly integrated into our smile makeovers.

These include:

  • Porcelain Veneers
  • Porcelain Crowns
  • Composite Veneers
  • Zoom Whitening

To know what works for you, schedule an appointment with us for your smile makeover today!

Our Specialists


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Jerestine Mubarakai

20-03-2014 Hits:73 Testimonials Super User

Jerestine Mubarakai

I walked into this clinic with probably the worst set of teeth and gums this dentist has seen, and have walked out with an amazing megawatt brilliant confident smile!

Jerestine Mubarakai

Business, Perth-Australia

20-03-2014 Hits:74 Testimonials Super User

Maryam Alawadhi

Treatment:- Implant replacement of a tooth & Smile design with Veneers

I had a good experience with them i feel so happy to have a perfect smile and i really recommend Opus Dental Specialities for my friends and family.

Thanks to Opus Dental Specialities.

Maryam Alawadhi

Human Resources, UAE

20-03-2014 Hits:125 Testimonials Super User

Eddie Poonawala

The 'Dentist's Chair was akin to the 'Electric Chair' before I came to Burzin, Now I am totally at ease, calm and collected everytime I come to OPUS - .... smiles!

Eddie Poonawala

Business, Comart India

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