Full Mouth Restoration

Full mouth rehabilitation (or full mouth reconstruction) is a dental treatment, which includes restoration and/or replacement of all or most of the damaged and missing teeth by means of artificial restorations. It is a complex inter-disciplinary treatment, which requires advanced planning, designing, and execution.

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About Full Mouth Restoration

Numerous broken lost and diseased teeth almost always negatively impact the patient’s social interaction, well-being and quality of life. The goals of full mouth reconstruction include improvement of the above aspects of one’s life.

The objectives of the treatment include:

  • Restoration of broken and damaged teeth
  • Replacement of missing teeth
  • Restoration and enhancement of appearance and the vertical height of the face
  • Restoration of oral functions such as chewing, swallowing and speaking

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11-02-2015 Hits:206 Testimonials Super User

Bhupendra Ambani

Excellent treatment with patient and a very good job done. Before the treatment, I had great difficulty in eating. However, after my treatment, I am very satisfied and comfortable. Dr. Burzin Khan and his team at Opus have done a fantastic job. I am very happy with my treatment. Now, Dr. Burzin Khan is my family dentist!

Bhupendra Ambani


02-05-2014 Hits:172 Testimonials Super User

Fatema Bindawood

Finally I've got a chance to find out this clinic which is perfect in all aspects. I really appreciate all the services rendered.

Fatema Bin Dawood


20-03-2014 Hits:52 Testimonials Super User

Aditya Dhawan

I would highly recommend Dr. Khan, whose personalized and professional approach makes one feel completely comfortable at every visit. Even though he has a very competent supporting team at Opus, Dr. Khan provides his personal touch and attention at every appointment. The state of the art equipment and appointment booking software makes the process even more seamless.

Aditya Dhawan

Businessman, Mumbai, India

Rolf Wulfinghoff

20-03-2014 Hits:401 Testimonials Super User

Rolf Wulfinghoff

I have been trying dentists in Bali (Bangkok) and Singapore to do a total restoration of my teeth to no result. Finally I felt real comfort & relaxation in Mumbai, by Opus Dental Specialities. Very professional approach and excellent work.

Rolf Wulfinghoff

Horticulturalist in Denmark & Indonesia

20-03-2014 Hits:129 Testimonials Super User

Priya K. Iyer

Highly recommended by many friends. My experience confirmed Dr. Khan's excellent ability in highly specialized aspects of dentistry. Very sensitive to patient's pain, appearance plus a pleasant personality. Reduces trauma of dental chair. Prepares patient before hand for major scope of work and cost.

A happy experience for traumatic events.

Priya K. Iyer

(Dr.) PHD (Biochemist)

20-03-2014 Hits:54 Testimonials Super User

Dilip R. Doshi

I had a very satisfying experience and would recommend to my friends.

Dilip R. Doshi

Business, Chairman & Managing Director, Entrack Group of Companies London, UK

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