Dental Implant Restoration

You can now replace missing teeth with dental implants and restore their smile and function. Owing to the latest advancements in diagnosis and computerized treatment planning, implant restorations have become highly predictable with a close to 100% success rate!

  • Missing teeth
  • Broken teeth
  • Loose & ill-fitting dentures

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About Dental Implant Restoration

A dental implant is a tooth "root" like device, made of titanium, and placed within the bone and used to support restorations that resemble a tooth or group of teeth. Dental Implants are the closest natural way to replace missing teeth.

Once placed within the jawbone, it is accepted and integrates with bone so that the same can be adequately loaded, to withstand the chewing forces in the mouth. Therefore the procedure of restoration of teeth using Dental Implants involves a two-stage treatment; Surgical Implant Placement, and then Restoration, using a crown, bridge or denture, after a 2-3 months period.

However, nowadays, depending on the situation, more often than not, the teeth implants can be placed immediately after tooth extraction and in some cases even immediately loaded with the crown.

Opus Dental Specialities is one of the few dental Implant clinics in the country to bring to you “Teeth in a day”, concept marketed by leading dental implant companies in the world for cases where insufficient bone is available. These compromised cases, which would otherwise need extensive surgeries & grafting procedures, are now treated conservatively & successfully by the ‘All on Four’ or ‘Fast & Fixed’ concepts. Loose mobile & decayed teeth are extracted; implants are placed and immediately loaded with a temporary restoration, all in a day! You walk out of our dental office with a full set of teeth. A final definitive prosthesis is made after 3-4 months.

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11-02-2015 Hits:205 Testimonials Super User

Bhupendra Ambani

Excellent treatment with patient and a very good job done. Before the treatment, I had great difficulty in eating. However, after my treatment, I am very satisfied and comfortable. Dr. Burzin Khan and his team at Opus have done a fantastic job. I am very happy with my treatment. Now, Dr. Burzin Khan is my family dentist!

Bhupendra Ambani


18-08-2014 Hits:287 Testimonials Super User

Aditya Iyengar

Dr. Khan & his team at Opus have been looking after my teeth for over 14 years. Every procedure, including the Implant replacement is done perfectly with minimum stress or pain. It's been a pleasure coming to Opus...and leaving with a smile!.

Aditya Iyengar

Television professional, Mumbai


18-08-2014 Hits:212 Testimonials Super User

Hinoti Joshi

It was a totally painless procedure...the Doctors are very experienced and good to deal with. The clinic meets International standards, is super clean & hygienic. I have stopped going to any other Dentist and would highly recommend Opus Dental Specialities and Dr Khan.

Hinoti Joshi


02-05-2014 Hits:171 Testimonials Super User

Fatema Bindawood

Finally I've got a chance to find out this clinic which is perfect in all aspects. I really appreciate all the services rendered.

Fatema Bin Dawood


20-03-2014 Hits:230 Testimonials Super User

Mehernosh Vadiwala

Very professional and quality work done. The clinic is also very impressive with latest equipments. Highly recommended.

Mehernosh Vadiwala

Software Development Manager, CISCO Systems Inc, San Jose, California, USA

20-03-2014 Hits:73 Testimonials Super User

Maryam Alawadhi

Treatment:- Implant replacement of a tooth & Smile design with Veneers

I had a good experience with them i feel so happy to have a perfect smile and i really recommend Opus Dental Specialities for my friends and family.

Thanks to Opus Dental Specialities.

Maryam Alawadhi

Human Resources, UAE

20-03-2014 Hits:55 Testimonials Super User

Kamal Bharucha

Extremely satisfied with the new tooth. Root Canal procedure was absolutely painless.

Kamal Bharucha

Retail Director, Mont Blanc, India

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