Digital Dentistry

Opus Dental Specialities has added the revolutionary and innovative technology of digital impressions in the form of CARESTREAM CS 3600, intra-oral scanner to its state of the art practice.

About Digital Dentistry

This technology uses intra oral digital 3D scans of the patient’s mouth, rather than the inconvenience of conventional dental trays and impression materials. This technology used for fabrication of crowns, bridges, veneers & implant restorations ensures that impressions are extremely accurate and in turn ensuring the most superior quality of dental restorations. It reduces the turn around time for fabrication and eliminates chances of any material discrepancies.

It sets to revolutionise, the way we create dental impressions, and adds to our 'Same Day Teeth' therapy concept.

A compact intra oral scanner captures the image and is digitally transferred to the technician who digitally designs and fabricates the restoration. It reduces time in the dentist’s chair, ensures a flawless fit and an accurate bite, reduces mess and ensures an express delivery.

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