Case study: Dentistry in the Digital age

Advancements in technologies help many industries improve their efficiency and productivity, and the dental industry is no different. New revolutionary technology in dentistry is making it easier for doctors and patients alike.

With digital dentistry, it is now possible to increase the efficiency in your practice through computer-aided technology. Not only do these advancements allow you to give your patients accurate results with a faster turnaround time, but increase the efficiency of your practice. This makes you stand out from the rest–especially those using out-dated, traditional methods.

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Digital work flow being performed by Dr. Burzin Khan

"A Paradigm Shift In Oral Health Care" By Dr. Burzin Khan.

Dr. Burzin Khan is a mentor for the Implant Mastership Program conducted by Columbia University School of Dental Medicine and EDUHUB.

Dr. Burzin Khan is the only Indian to be appointed as an IFZI trainer for Basic Implant Phantom Training program by Dr. Manfred Lang

Dr. Burzin Khan
 was the only Indian presenting at the Bredent Group Days, South East Europe meeting in Bucharest on 'Sky is the Limit', to an absolutely enthralled audience. 

Opus Dental Specialities growing from strength to strength each year. Great team work! A big shout out to everyone who has contributed to our success..!

Dr. Burzin Khan and Dr. Florian Obadan along with dental technician, Mr. Danesh Vazifdar held a two-day comprehensive training program comprising of a live surgical demonstration of the Bredent Fast and Fixed Implant Concept - a graft-less solution for the compromised maxilla and mandible on the 19-20 September, 2015 at Opus Dental Specialities, Mumbai.

Scientists have repaired a badly damaged liver for the first time using liver stem cells. According to them, this could one day mean an end to the need for transplants. The study, published in Nature Cell Biology, mentions it may also fight blindness, Parkinsons disease, and arthritis.

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